Our ability to save the many animals we are contacted about depends on having foster carers to provide care whilst a permanent home is found. 

The role of the foster carer varies with individual animals depending on need. However, as well as providing basic care, it can include house training, socialisation, teaching dogs to walk on the lead, building up confidence, play, and occasionally giving medications. It's also about getting to know the animal's personality to help with re-homing. 

All vet care is provided. Most foster carers are willing to feed the animals but food can be provided if necessary. Foster carers are encouraged to take cute photos of their charges and email these to us for use on the website and/or Facebook (with permission). 

When you apply you will be asked basic information about things like fencing, where the dog/cat will be housed, what other pets you have, ages of any children, how much you are at home etc.

Foster carers let us know the type of dog/cats they would like to care for for example: small dogs, larger ones, pups or seniors, and cats or kittens.

You can always say no when you are called about a potential foster animal if it is not suitable. Most foster carers find the experience very rewarding and have the satisfaction of knowing they have helped to save an animals life.

All vet care is provided by Animals-in-Need


Please complete the ENQUIRY FORM below for information on fostering any of our cats or dogs.