Our Beginning

Animals-in-Need (founded by Fran Sanders) has evolved over the years from an individual rescuer with support from the local vet to an active group of animal lovers who work tirelessly to rescue, care for and home all the beautiful animals that come to us. 

Members provide all sorts of help including fund raising, providing animal transport, gathering and storing donated goods, meeting with people interested in adopting, supervising animal introductions, supporting foster carers, organising vet visits, and the list goes on. 

The other group of people vital to all we do are our foster carers. Most animals are cared for in home foster care whilst awaiting the right permanent home. The foster carers are vital not only in caring for the animal but in meeting with prospective adopters and participating in decision making around adoption. 

Everyone involved is passionate about animals and committed to doing the best for each and every homeless one that comes into our care. We have three local vets continuing to provide endless support and assistance.