There are many different reasons why people need to surrender their pets. Every case is unique and everyone has different circumstances, please explore all or your possibilities before you resort to giving your pet away.

Can you hold onto your pet, or could extended family or friends look after your pet while a new home is found?

Helpful hints in rehoming your pet:

  • Please have your dog/cat DESEXED and brought up-to-date on vaccinations before you place him/her into a new home.

  • We also recommend that you ask for an adoption fee, if they cannot afford a fee they cannot afford to vaccinate or give your dog/cat Vet treatment.

  • Please do not place a FREE TO GOOD HOME on any ad as there are unscrupulous characters who will con people out of free dogs only to try to make a profit by selling them to laboratory research or selling them for a profit or dog fighting rings.

  • Always ask for their Vet's phone number and ring and ask the Vet for a reference of the person enquiring .. if they have NO Vet then you can be assured your pet will never see a Vet again.

  • Always deliver your pet to the new home so you get to inspect the property and the environment your pet will be living in  ... it is relying on you to make the right decision. Remember you are the voice for your pet.


**  Sadly we are at capacity, and until we have more foster carers available,  we are unable to assist with re-homing your pet.  **

Please DO NOT submit a request to surrender at this time.

Should you have no other solution please fill out the form below as accurately as you can. It will help us to place your dog/cat into the best suited foster home.

NB: This is a request to surrender form only. One of our team will contact you and should we be able to accept your pet (totally dependent on the availability of foster carers suited to your pet’s needs) we will organise a time to visit and you will be required to sign a Surrender Agreement with Animals in Need Brisbane.